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Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim
Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim
Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 1 Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 1A Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 2 Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 3 Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 4 Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 5 Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 6 Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 7 Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 8 Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 9 Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 10 Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 11 Free Sample Kit - Panel / Trak / Trim 12
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 Free Product Kit and Free shipping  
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Product Features

  • Free Product Kit with Free Shipping
  • Includes TekPanel
  • Includes TekTrak & End Cap
  • Includes Panel Trim Pieces - Inside Corner, 1" & 2" End Trim and Base Molding

Product Description

This is a no-charge (free) kit which also has no-charge (free) shipping. See the images to the left showing the kit components and their various uses.

The TekPanel / TekTrak / Trim - Sample Kit includes sections and assembly instructions of both wall systems offered by GarageTek. Also included is the Wall Systems - Planning Guide.

1) TekPanel’s ultimate installation configuration for appearance and functionality is to cover an entire wall from floor to ceiling. This makes the utility of the system unlimited. Accessories can be mounted, moved and adjusted anywhere to best suit your needs. The trim components included in the sample kit are used for corners, for base molding and covering panel ends.

However, TekPanel can certainly be installed in less than full wall sections. Maybe you want to install a 3 ft band of panel along the length of a wall, or maybe you have high ceilings and want to stop the installation at 8 feet, or maybe you want to install several 5+ ft wide by 8 ft high areas that will be used as specialized work areas (gardening, workshop, sports, etc.).

 Instead of installing these partial sections of TekPanel, you might consider installing TekTrak.

2) TekTrak is installed in strips at varying heights on a wall and on these strips, accessories can be mounted and moved at will without any fasteners needed. The presumption of using TekTrak is a) the mount wall is in good condition before installing the trak and b) you will be limited to the location(s) of moving and mounting the accessories to where the trak is already installed.

Our Goal

We have made this kit available to give you a “hands on” feel of the different components between the two wall systems and hopefully help generate ideas on how it can be useful for storage and organization purposes in your garage or other areas of the home.

The TekPanel is offered in kits covering 43 sq ft (GT10001-43E) and covering 105 sq ft (GT10001-105E) with the trim pieces sold separately. The TekTrak is offered in a kit covering 43 linear ft including end caps (GT10008-43E).  Check out the Idea Gallery and the 
Lifestyle Kits Category to review the different setups possible.

Product Details

Part Number:  Sample Kit – Wall Systems      
Load Capacity:  NA
Dimensions:  13"W x 13"H x 3"D Shipping Carton
Shipping Weight:  3 lbs. (Free Shipping)
Shipping Method: UPS Ground only
Assembly Required: None – Sample Kit
Assembly Difficulty: Not applicable, but Installation Instructions are Included in the Kit.  Assembly Instructions >>
Related Installation Requirements: The TekPanel and TekTrak installs on the walls of your garage with screws.

Package Contents:  1 – Tek Panel, 1 – Inside “Corner, 1- Base Molding, 1 – 1” Trim, 1 – 2” Trim, 1 – TekTrak, 1- Trak End Cap, 3 – Installation Instructions



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